33 entrants for the Sheffield age group championships

As we come back from the Covid-19 pandemic, this is the first time for three years that we’ve been able to properly organise a Sheffield junior competition.

The U18/U15/U13 section was jointly won by Milana and Xiaorui both on 4.5/5, with Patrik finishing third on 4/5.

The U11/U9 section was won by Mengzheng with a perfect 5/5, with Billy finishing second on 4/5.

A special mention goes to Totley, who brought five players for their first ever competition. As an U8 Freddie scored 3/5 in the U11, losing only to experienced tournament players and winning his other games.

The big surprise of the day was just how young some of the players were! In the U11/U9 section, the majority of players were U9 (school year Y4) or below. This bodes very well indeed for the future. Likewise in the U18 competition, the oldest was in fact U14.

Hopefully all those who entered enjoyed themselves, and we hope that all the players will continue to develop over the next year.