Extravaganza at Woodseats!

For Woodseats’ final match of the season, SASCA took a 15-board team to play a part-friendly, part-first team match away on July 5th.

Rishab made his first-team debut as our first team secured the Division 1 title with two games to spare, with a 4-2 win over Woodseats A in the ‘serious’ part of the match.

In the friendly match, the plan was to give some new players the opportunity as well as existing players. The same was true for Woodseats, with a few of their players making debuts. Wins for Xiaorui, Milana, Mengzheng, Rosie and Neil plus a draw for John helped the team to a 6-3 win, with Steve Gibbs returning for the first time to draw on top board in the ‘friendly’ match. On bottom board, 7-year-old Billy played his first match – reaching a winning position before not quite having the experience required to convert.

We’re very much focused on allowing players to gain some experience at the back end of this season, and many thanks indeed to Woodseats for putting out a team of newer players to give our juniors the opportunity for some competitive games.