Christmas Update 2022

Since the last update, we’ve had International Master Richard Palliser as a special guest to do a coaching session at the SASCA club (pictured).

Our juniors have played in the first two Sundays of the Yorkshire Junior League (AG Sunderland Trophy). We have two wins, one draw and one loss so far.

We’re currently running three teams in the Sheffield adult evening league, and a total of 15 different juniors have represented the club so far this season in the league. Our ‘B’ team is challenging for a promotion spot in the third division. Our ‘A’ team has struggled in the first division of the league so far, but it has reached the semi-finals of the Cup competition (to be played in January). Our ‘C’ team is competing in Division 4, and provides the first experience of league chess to new players.

In October we organised a rapidplay competition at the club.

Some individual performances have been worth noting:

  • At the age of 7 Billy became – as far as we can tell – the youngest player in 30 years to win a league match in the Sheffield adult league with a fine kingside attack against his opponent’s Pirc Defence.
  • Rishab and Will made their debuts for the first team in the Cup against Woodseats 1, both winning their games.
  • Xiaorui scored 3 out of 4 in the first weekend of the Yorkshire Junior league, and also won his first three matches for the ‘B’ team in the adult evening league.
  • Mengzheng (age 9) competed in the Northumbria Masters (Major and Minor), beating some highly experienced opponents.
  • Xiaorui, Mengzheng, Milana and Rishab were the top four juniors in the ECF-rated rapidplay event which we organised at the club
  • Patrik scored 2.5 out of 4 in the adult evening league and also 3 out of 4 in the first weekend of the Yorkshire Junior League.